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Copy with Filtered Data

Luke M

Excel Ninja
If you've ever tried to copy data from one column in a filtered list, to another column, you've discovered that Excel didn't keep all your data on the same row. See below
Ugh, it put all the data together, with the 37 value going into one of the rows that's currently hidden. That's no good! :(

However, there is a workaround. Select the two columns (if columns are not adjacent, you can hold Ctrl down to select separate ranges). Select only the visible cells (Ctrl+g, Special, Visible only).

Now you're ready for the magic! :cool: Check out these commands on Home ribbon, hiding on the right side

Instead of trying to do copy and paste, we're going to "fill left" from the Debit column to Credit column. Voila!

You could, of course, use the Fill left or Fill right, depending on which way you need the data to go. Anyway, that's my new trick that I learned this week, hope it helps someone else on their way to being awesome w/ Excel. :awesome:
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Luke M

Excel Ninja
Hi Narayan,
Yep, looks like the same technique. I must say though, I'm not surprise that I'm not the first to discover anything new in XL. Too many amazing MVPs out there. :DD


Excel Ninja
Hi Luke ,

I don't think it's because they are MVPs ; I think they are more into Excel , reading and getting to know about the latest news , interacting with a lot of others on Excel , much more than you and I.

It works both ways ; because you are an MVP , you spend / are likely to spend more time with Excel ; because you spend more time with Excel , you may become an MVP.