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copy paste data with condition



I am looking for a solution where I need to copy and paste data from one tab to another tab but with little condition.

when this condition met then only it should copy that data.

I am also attaching one workbook.

First tab is Main data , so from this tab it should copy

2nd tab is Needed data, where it should paste.

what columns are needed highlighted in yellow color.

so now how code should work:-

It should first go to col. L to find out whether there is any TBD or not, if yes then it will skip that row and go to next one.

If there is no TBD then it will copy and paste in next tab till col. D

Col. E in needed tab need different treatment.

Number in amount col. will come from col. O of needed tab and then account number in needed tab will be from header of Main tab.

One example has been given in Needed tab for property no, 1478

Amount col. E in needed tab coming from Col, O and then account number as well.

Like amount 442 coming with account 227000 (which is header in Main tab col. O)
Then amount 0 coming with account 227001 (which is header in Main tab col. P)
amount 409 coming with account 898100 (which is header in main tab col. R)

Thanks in advance for reading this story and appreciate any help on this.