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Copy interactive graphs to excel by reporting the coordinates of each point in a table

Good morning.
Is it possible to save the same interactive graph, with a macro, on an excel sheet and insert the data of the coordinates of each point (from the oldest to the most recent) in a table?
Thank you

I noticed that on the site of sole24ore there is the possibility to download the trend of the titles in the last 10 years.

the link of all titles:

the link of the title concerned:

by choosing the period of the last 10 years and positioning the cursor at the top right in the graph it is possible to extrapolate the csv file

With the data in the file, is it possible to create the same chart inside excel?

Thank you
I am attaching the file that I would like to try to generate so that you can understand.

In the "elenco titoli" sheet I would like to copy the entire table (it is composed of several pages) of the site.

In each subsequent sheet indicate the data of each title by entering:
1) the daily data table (the download can be done by choosing the cvs file at the top right of the table);
2) recreating the graph as it is present on the web page (with the possibility of choosing the period 10 years - 5 years etc.) and the possibility to view the coordinate data by positioning the cursor on the graph line.

So you would need:
1) a button that allows the macro to recreate the "elenco titoli" table to add titles (without deleting previous ones that have expired over time) and creating the hyperlink of each title;
2) a button that allows you to download the csv files for each title and the direct insertion of the data in the excel sheet and the consequent creation of the graph that will be updated over time by inserting the new data in the table.

It's possible?