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copy from one userform to another

I have a workbook that have 2 userforms userform12 and userform 15
but the second userform15 open when i click in a textbox txt17 in userform12

>>> use code - tags <<<
Private Sub txt17_Enter()
Unload Me
End Sub
in userform12 there is a textbox that is actually a dropbox "cmbslno" that takes values from wsheet "stoixeia" column A
when i click at txt17 usually in cmbslno there is a values from 1 to 17
i want to do that that value to be paste in userform15 to dropbox cmbslno2
i thought to be copied before unload so to be paste in userform17 just like me.cmbslno2.paste but not works

hope to be understood


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