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Copy entire row from one location to new location with Button


Hi everyone,
I am in need of your expertise again. I don’t know how to do it, so here I am.
What I need help with is coming up with a VBA formula which will copy entire multiple rows of numbers from their existing locations up and down to a new storage location when I click the “Update” button.

To begin with, I have a group of 5 numbers at the top of my worksheet in cells K2:O2. These are the ref numbers. these numbers change, and when they do, I click the update button I need the tables for each of those Ref numbers to be updated.

So, take the first ref number for example, which is the Number 1. I need the VBA code to go to the tables for the number 1, which is the first tables… you can see the number one in cell A4 and A21 which designate table 1.. each number has 2 sections, a top and bottom section. So, when I click the update button in cell B2, the entire number row B18:AF18 of the top section for number 1 will be copied (not moved) to the top section, to cells B4:AF4. The numbers which are already in B4:AF4 and B5:AF5 will each move down one row, freeing up Row B4:AF4.

The same process should happen for the numbers in row, B19:AF19 of the bottom section of number 1, these number will be Copied down into the storage section, to row B21:AF21. The numbers which are already in B21:AF21 and B22:AF22 should move down one row.

the Same Process should happen for each of the 5 reference numbers at the top.

Note that the the numbers rows that are being copied should remain.. they are just being copied.

Note that over time, there could and will be up to 12 number rows in any of the storage sections, of any number. If there are, and there is a new row of numbers being copied to it, the 12th row at the bottom of the list can be deleted.
This process should happen for each of the 5 reference numbers at the top, no matter what they are.. the number range spans from 1 to 60.
I hope this makes sense.. I totally suck at VBA, Kinda ok with formulas but macros are way out of my capabilities. I am totally grateful for any help offered. Thank you,


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Hi everyone,
I am cross posting to another excel board in hopes of getting more help. Thank you all for looking at least at my original post,
If I get a solution to my quandary I will post here.


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@Paul Ked
True, however, he did not tell us where. This is important as to whether you will spend your time trying to solve an already solved issue. How will you know what has been tried if you don't know where it was posted. Suggest you re-read the forum rules that ask that you tell us where you have posted.


apologies for not posting the location of where I cross posted.. Not my intention to cause problems.