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Copy data from sheets of different workbook in sheets of one workbook


Dear Helpers,
I want to automatically fetch the data from multiple workbooks into one workbook.
Let me explain the scenario.

There are total 10 classes (subject to increase) of different grades in my school. Each class has to study different subjects and each subject may be taught by more than one teacher. Each teacher may be teaching in different grades.

Now, each teacher is maintain one excel workbook for attendance where he /she maintains attendance of various subject he/she is teaching in different grades.
Say for example, teacher AB is teaching MATHS in grade 6 and grade 7, then he will maintain 2 sheets in his workbook – one for each.

Now, each grade has a class teacher who needs to maintain attendance workbook for the class assigned to him/her. Say for example teacher AB is a class teacher of grade 6, then he needs to maintain attendance sheet of all the teachers teaching various subjects in grade 6.

That means, AB will keep attendance of MATHS subject in a worksheet called MATHS_6_AB in a workbook called AB.

This worksheet data required to be copied automatically in MATHS_6_AB worksheet of workbook GRADE_6.

Teachers will keep their workbook password protected so no one can edit. Class teachers will keep their class workbook password protected. This workbook can be viewed by others.

Class teacher need not to open the worksheet of subject teachers. Attendance must be automatically available in subject sheets of class workbook as and when subject teacher teaching in that class will update the attendance.

Attaching sample files for your reference.



Excel Ninja
Of course,
it is possible teacher AB-file's Maths_6_AB results are same as Maths_7_AB-results in GRADE_6.xlsx-file ... or it it?
Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 10.40.32.png


Excel Ninja
Yes ... is that any better?
... now, some MATHS_7_AB and Grade_6.xlsx-file ...
Even samples should be something as well as writings which refers to those samples.
Take care.


I am trying again to explain my problem.

My school has 10 grades from 1 to 10. Each class has number of subjects and each subject is taught by one or more teachers.

Now, each teacher is teaching in different grades.

And he / she is maintaining attendance sheet of each class in one workbook. Say teacher A is teaching in 4 different grades - e.g grade 4,5,6 and 7.

So he will maintain one workbook with 4 worksheets for the 4 grades in which he is teaching.

Say teacher B is teaching in 5 different grades - e.g grade 3,4,5,6 and 7.

So he will maintain one workbook with 5 worksheets for the 5 grades in which he is teaching.

same way other teachers will also be having their own workbooks.

Now, each teacher is class teacher of any one grade. So he /she needs one workbook in which they need to maintain attendance of all the subjects of their respective class.

Say, teacher A is class teacher of grade 7. Grade 7 has 6 subjects in total.

So teacher A wants a grade 7 attendance workbook with 6 sheets containing attendance of 6 subjects which are to be fetched from attendance workbook of those teachers who are teaching in grade 7.

In above example, teacher A and teacher B is teaching in grade 7.

So attendance data from grade 7 worksheet of teacher A and attendance data from grade 7 worksheet of teacher B should be automatically copied in grade 7 attendance workbook.



Excel Ninja
How would above solve Your ... problem?
There would be two times same data ... what else?
... there still needs to find out someway, who has joined to some classes.
... or what would be the main purpose?
How would that work, if two teachers would teach same subject in one day?


Dear Helper,
In my school, every teacher is maintaining own workbook where he/she maintain attendance of all the classes in which he / she is teaching.
For example teacher A teaches 6 different subject then he will maintain 6 worksheets in his workbook.

Now every grade has one class teacher who will maintain a workbook which contains all the attendance sheet from all the teachers teaching subjects in that class. This is required so that class teacher can inform parents about overall attendance of students to parents.

No matter, how many teachers are sharing one subject. If a subject is shared by 3 teachers, then all 3 will maintain their separate attendance sheet in their own workbook. But all 3 sheets is required to be automatically copied in class attendance workbook.

If two teachers will teach same subject on the day then both will enter attendance in their own worksheet of that subject.

My requirement is to automatically update attendance in respective teacher's sheet in class workbook when that teacher enter attendance in his own workbook. This is to be done without opening any teacher's workbook.

I want to do it preferably without VBA.