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Copy and Pasting VLookup


New Member
I am trying to copy and paste on a Vlookup

=VLOOKUP(@A:A,Schedule!A4:M1000, 11, FALSE)

I want the A4:M1000 to remain constant how do I cut and paste and have the same line in each succeeding box?

VLOOKUP searches for one value in the first column and returns a value from the nth column ( 11 in this case) of the range.
But in your formula A:A is an entire column? What are you trying to do? Perhaps post a small sheet ( no pics) with some data and manually mocked up results?
A:A is my unique identifier. schedule is another page on my workbook $A$4:$M$1000 is my table array, 11 is the point I want to copy from my unique identifier which is a expected finish date on schedule copied over to expected finish date on my schedule update request sheet that I need to submit to inform the company when they expect to finish. And FALSE because it is a unique identifier, I think vietm was right with the relative and absolute idea, with $, I just can’t post the spreadsheet due to companies NDA agreement.