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Copy and Paste the data to another sheet with based on condition

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Using an Excel basics like an advanced filter,​
« Copy and Paste the data to another sheet with based on condition » just needs a single VBA codeline ‼​
As you can see in the Chandoo courses, the VBA inner help, the so many samples within this VBA forum !​
So there is no issue, it's just about learning & using an Excel basics …​
The advanced filter criteria range needs the header cell above the criteria cell
so for example for the Output1 just fill first the header in cell D1 then you can use this single codeline :​
Sheets(1).[B4].CurrentRegion.AdvancedFilter xlFilterCopy, Sheets(2).[D1:D2], Sheets(2).[C4:F4]
Do you like it ? So thanks to click on bottom right Like !​


Belleke Sir,

Thanks for the resolve the issue. But some point to be noted given below.

  • While we click on GO Bottom, the data must be the shift to UP and MP Sheet without deleting in Main Datasheet. (i.e, copy paste not cut-paste).
  • Some data may be added in the Main Data sheet later on.
  • After a few data added in the Main data sheet, it must go to UP and MP Sheet. (i.e, like refresh)