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Copy and paste as Values in another Sheet


Hi Excel Pros,

I have an excel form with employee data in Workbook.

Also in a folder, I have multiple workbook with multiple excel forms. I need help to get the data from those workbooks and copy as VALUES in an new OUTPUT sheet.

The code should go to a particular folder where I have saved all the workbooks, then open each workbook copy the data to the OUTPUT SHEET. The concern is each workbook may have multiple worksheets (Multiple Forms)

Please help in getting the data.



Hi Marc L,

I tried the code but the data is not populating in a single line, the code is just copying the data from the source sheet as it is. If you look in to my OUTPUT SHEET File, I need the data as values in a single row against multiple columns against each employee record.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Activate the Macro Recorder and operate manually to copy values as desired :​
you will get a code base you can adapt using one of the previous links …​