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consecutive date and tempreature range


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i have file with date and temperature. I need to know that if three/two consecutive days the temperature was more. what should i use the formula as ? my data is for thirty years. pls help urgent


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Based Your the last word and Forum Rules
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Have Your read those Rules?


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C-column has date and maybe F-column has temperature.
A,B ... could forget. What for are other columns? Duplications?
If You would like to know that something is more - then You should explain - where to compare?
... or from column F ...
cell F4 is more than cell F3 ... not match with Your 'more'?

Just curious, 1st of May, 2019 - seems to be a hot hot day? 99.9

I did one sample, with that You could get something.
Note: I cleaned some cells.

Check ranges F2:I5 from both 'data'-sheets.
You can set Your 'trigger' values to cells H2 & I2 to see some counts.


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