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Congratulations Chihiro


Excel Ninja
Thanks :) It's been about 5 years, since I joined the forum.
While I don't use Excel as main analysis tool these days.
I'm still blown away by how much depth Excel has and learning new things from members constantly.

Just to name a few...
bosco_yip, John Jairo V and Peter Bartholomew's formula.
Web Scraping from Marc L, chart manipulation from vletm etc etc.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
I believe you blow many of us also away with your solid, in depth knowledge of the "power" apps. Plus you can explain the subtleties of why things work/don't work. That's a genuine sign of pure insight, not only on those power apps, but in general on a wide variety of topics: formula, data visualisation, vba, data analysis,...
Clearly you can put your name next to those you've sited, Chihiro. The golden boys ;-) (I can only whish there were a bit more girls around :))