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Conditional Formatting with dates and Criteria

Hello. I am trying to create 3 conditional formatting calculations to give a table like the one below:
The Start and Finish dates will always be the same (these are Project Milestone tasks so have a duration of zero days). I'm able to get the horizontal yellow row using CF and the Seach() command. But I cannot seem to be able to link the date of the yellow horizontal row in a CF format that will give the vertical green column. I would then like to create the red intersecting box to highlight the "Specific Text" task and the associate date (I think this is some sort of =Row()=Column() command. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks Guido - yes, my explanation was not totally clear. It is only when the Start and Finish dates are the same (duration 0) AND there is the "Specific Text" in column B do we need to show the location of the Red Cell. I was thinking that this might need to be done in three stages (1st = row calculation; 2nd = Column calculation; 3rd = Row / Column Intersection calculation). I think your solution is very good. Thank you.