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Conditional Formatting Across Multiple Sheets


I have an issue where other parties in my organization fill in contract numbers in column A of sheets within the same workbook. When I review the data, I have to not only make sure there are not duplicates within the same sheet (which I can easily do) but across all sheets. Basically ensuring that two departments not using the same contract number to verify funding.

Any help would be appreciated.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member

If it were my workbook, I would use Power Query to combine all data from all sheets and use a Group By Contract Number, count rows and finally filter on >1. While keeping the "origin" as reference, so you know on which sheets duplicates are on.
Save this Query in the same workbook as "Quality Control".
Since no heavy transformations are required, all applied steps are do-able with some simple mouse clicks, given you have PQ on board. Excel 2010 and up on windows would do.