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Conditional format rows based on hierarchy structure without using VBA

I'm using WBS and have the hierarchy in Column A. Ex: 1.1, 1.1.1,, etc.
I need to apply a conditional format based on the number of periods/decimals in the number. Once I figure out the formula, I know how to set up the formatting for the indents. It's the formula that is puzzling me. Is there a formula that will count the number of periods/decimals? I've tried several things and nothing's working.
1.1 = indent 1 place
1.1.1 = indent 2 places = indent 3 places

I was able to figure out the formula for 1.1 = indent 1 place. I have: =MOD($A1,1)>0. Works great, but need a formula for the numbers with more than one decimal.

I can not use VBA.
Thank you!

salim hasan

Suppose you data in celll A1
Try this formula
Note : Array Formula (Ctrl+Shit +Enter)