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Compare Dates against a Range of Dates


New Member
I want to create a form that when the user inputs a Start Date and End Date, excel can look up a table of dates and alert the user if one of the dates in the table falls within the user's range of dates.

Is this possible?

Many thanks



New Member
here is how I would solve it.

Define 2 cells where user can enter the start and end date (lets say C1 and C2)

use conditional formatting to find if any dates in the list (C5:C500) are falling between input dates

highlight such dates in RED color or something.

Check out help on CF here: http://chandoo.org/wp/2008/03/13/want-to-be-an-excel-conditional-formatting-rock-star-read-this/

alternatively you can use filters to do this. They are much more easier.