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Combining numbers in parallel sentences in an excel cell


New Member
Hi Guys,

I have a cell containing information in the following format. I want to dynamically combine the sentence parts talking about the number of units sold at x% profit. What's the best way to do it, using a formula? Note that the sentence will be generated dynamically and may not contain all the 4 current components.
  • Sell 2 units at x% profit, Sell 3 units at y% profit, Sell 5 units at x% profit and return 10 units
In this case, this answer should come to:
  • Sell 7 units at x% profit, Sell 3 units at y% profit and return 10 units
Thanks for your help!


Excel Ninja
Please upload sample workbook that mirrors your current set up, along with your desired output. With few examples.

Without it, we'll be guessing as to what exactly you are trying to achieve.

I'd imaging you can use substitute function or other text manipulation.