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Column Header based on Sum of percentage.


New Member

I have a challenge in analyzing supplier data.

I used Pivot table to get the necessary data, but I can`t seem to locate a formula, that I can modify, to calculate and get the necessary results :/

Column A - is item numbers.

Row A1:BF1 is delivery time

B2:BF199 - delivery times in % ( from Pivot table)

My aim is to find out, for each Item number, how long it takes to receive 85%, 90%; 95% and 99% of the goods for a specific Item Nr.

I would like the formula to look at the data, lets say for Item Nr. 1, for the whole row and give me out a Header number 4 (Column F)

For item "number 5" 85% are delivered in 11 days 90%, 95% and 99% are delivered in 12 days.

Can anyone, please, help me? I have been struggling for a few days now...