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code vba consodilate data from sheet1,sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 to sheet5


hi, guys
i'd like help code to consodilate datas acolumns a,b,c,d from sheet1,2,3,4, to 5 with formula sheet5 in column (d)= (sheet1column(d)+sheet2column(d)+sheet4(columnd))-sheet3column (d))


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You have shown no data. How are we to understand exactly what you want. Suggest you populate data for a before scenario and then manually populate data with an After scenario. What you have provided us serves no help to getting you a solution.


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First, I would change the values in Sheet 3 to negatives since you will be subtracting those values. Then using Power Query I would append all the Sheets. Once they are appended I would Pivot all the data. Using your example here is the Mcode for the merger and pivoting of data. You need to be using Excel 2010 or a later version.

    Source = Table.Combine({Table1, Table3, Table5, Table7})



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Good Luck then. Hopefully, someone else has the time and inclination to do this for you when you already have two easy and viable viable solutions.

Marc L

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Via the Formula property for example.​
As you can also activate the Macro Recorder then enter the formula in a cell : you will get your code base …​