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Choropleth tutorial


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Hi All,

In terms of creating Choropleths I am a complete novice. For those of you who don't know what a Choropleth is, its basically a Geographical representation of data (as I understand it). What that means is that you create a map that changes basis the data you input, e.g. location wise colour changes.

I wanted to share a tutorial link for this because through the screencast on the below website, I was able to create my own sample for India (albeit that its useless for the company I'm in because we don't have that many centres in India, but still - good practice)


I have attached my sample version so u can check it out - its pretty lame because not that many data points used. You can get free WMF maps from the D-Maps website.

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Do you mind if I share the worksheets password so people can explore the worksheets structure ?
I know what it is ...


@chirayu File is corrupted... please re-upload the file and i also tried to download the map from d-maps but unable to get them in ESRI shape:eek: they are in rectangular shape please elaborate how you did this STEP wise if possible. :) 10x.

@ Hui I am waiting for your post on this as i tried it is difficult for me.:(


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I opened the uploaded file. It works fine. Not corrupted.

Did you enable content & macros?

As for the Map, you need to download in WMF format (Windows Meta File), once you Insert Picture into Excel you can ungroup it and you'll get the separate shapes. For the smaller islands like Andaman & Nicobar, I had to regroup. The exact map used is this link:



Thanks Chirayu for looking into my queries, my way of getting map was wrong.
correct way is :
1- Download Map
2- Use excel - insert picture
3- Give downloaded map path
4- After getting map on excel ungroup it.

and about corrupted file i believe that there is something wrong from my side file size i am downloading in not of full size(i.e. - 15 KB only instead of 281 KB) will download it from another system.

10x once again