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Checkbox formula to combine text to make a paragraph.


New Member

I'm relatively new to using Excel formulas and was wondering if you can help me with any pointers on how I can achieve the following:

Have a vertical list of checkbox items with short text for each field. The boxes that are checked are converted into longer text and combined into one long text/paragrath in one cell. Ultimately, I wish to create a paragraph with pre-set sentences, so I can copy and paste the final combined text into another document.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Here's what I want to do... I wish to click the check boxes to place text next to it (already done). The ones that are checked get placed after one another in one field to the right. Thanks!2024-06-12_20-13-58.jpg2024-06-12_20-14-17.jpg2024-06-12_20-15-02.jpg
Assuming that you are using the checkboxes in the Excel 365 Insider Beta, try:


You don't need the commas in column B if you use this:

=TEXTJOIN(", ",,FILTER(B2:B6,A2:A6))


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