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Check the validity of email

Good evening.

I have a list of emails and I would like to understand which of them are valid and which are not.

There are programs that allow you to do this type of verification and I thought I'd ask if it is also possible to do it with VBA.

I probably expressed myself badly. I was not referring to the synthase but to the existence of the email. I know that online systems and software send an stmp request (I am not if I wrote it correctly) and from this request it emerges if the email exists.
I would like to understand if it is also possible to do it with a macro but I have not found anything on google and in the forums. Maybe it's not possible


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This resource has an excellent discussion of the issue and apparently a VBA solution ... IF ... you want to pay for it :

This resource provides free email address checking up to 1,000 per month ? :

This appears to be what you are seeking :


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Const ConnectNormal = 0
Const ConnectSSLAuto = 1
Const ConnectSTARTTLS = 2
Const ConnectDirectSSL = 3
Const ConnectTryTLS = 4

Sub EmailAddrTest()

    Dim oSmtp As New EASendMailObjLib.Mail
    Dim ConnectTryTLS
    oSmtp.LicenseCode = "TryIt"

    ' Set your sender email address
    oSmtp.FromAddr = "youremail@yahoo.com"
    ' Add recipient email address
    oSmtp.AddRecipientEx "emailaddressbeingtested@gmail.com", 0

    ' Set email subject
    oSmtp.Subject = "simple email from VB 6.0 project"
    ' Set email body
    oSmtp.BodyText = "this is a test email sent from VB 6.0 project, do not reply"

    ' Your SMTP server address
    oSmtp.ServerAddr = "smtp.yahoo.com"

    ' User and password for ESMTP authentication, if your server doesn't require
    ' User authentication, please remove the following codes.
    oSmtp.UserName = "yours@yahoo.com"
    oSmtp.Password = "your password here"

    ' ConnectTryTLS means if server supports SSL/TLS connection, SSL/TLS is used automatically
    oSmtp.ConnectType = ConnectTryTLS

    ' If your server uses 587 port
    ' oSmtp.ServerPort = 587

    ' If your server uses 25/587/465 port with SSL/TLS
    ' oSmtp.ConnectType = ConnectSSLAuto
    ' oSmtp.ServerPort = 25 ' 25 or 587 or 465

    MsgBox "start to send email ..."
    If oSmtp.SendMail() = 0 Then
        MsgBox "email was sent successfully!"
        MsgBox "failed to send email with the following error:" & oSmtp.GetLastErrDescription()
    End If

End Sub
Be certain to download and install the reference file : EASendMailObjLib.Mail discussed in the link provided.
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Hi Logit.

I entered the code and selected the reference to objects after installing it on the pc.

When I start the macro, a sending message comes out, but then it stops and the message you see attached appears.
Basically you can also use the visual basic code. I thought not ...


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You will need to make certain the correct email and password are used in the macro code.
It might take some "playing with" to get it correct. I had to check the internet for my
YAHOO email to be certain I was using the correct SERVER PORT number and SMTP
mail address.

It did work successfully here checking my personal email address.