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"Charts"- How can I start my chart axis before zero?

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Laiq Khan, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Laiq Khan

    Laiq Khan New Member


    Just a simple question but I am unable to get its answer. Based on the image, how can I get this intersection of axis in XY scatter chart in Excel or PowerPoint? Thanks in advance

  2. vletm

    vletm Excel Ninja

    Laiq Khan
    You can MANUALLY set both axes scales as You need.
  3. Laiq Khan

    Laiq Khan New Member

    Thank you so much, but can you please guide me a little more? How can I manually set both axes?
    If I start X axes from 60 and intersect, say at 64, how will I manage labeling, space on slide etc?
  4. vletm

    vletm Excel Ninja

    Laiq Khan
    Move Your mouse over x-axes
    Double Click it
    Edit Scale as needed
    Repeat same with y-axes.
    Select needed data from chart by mouse
    Use Right-Mouse button
    Select 'Add Data Labels'

    Manage Labels:
    Double Click by mouse needed datas labels from chart

    You would read: https://chandoo.org/wp/category/visualization/
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