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Chart y-axis units not refreshing when using slicer


New Member
I have successfully created a chart in which the data series refers to a pivot table that can be controlled by a slicer. The slicer has 3 buttons 'Count', 'Cost' and 'Percentage'. Although the chart series correctly references the right data the y-axis is not displaying the correct number format. For example, if I select Percentage after selecting Cost the units will remain as £ rather than %. I've formatted the values in the pivot but this seems to make no difference. Any clues how I can fix ?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Right click on the Y Axis and select Format Axis
Ensure the Maximum is set to Auto


New Member
Thanks for the tip.

I checked and the maximum is set to Auto.

I opened the 2013 file in 2016 and formatted the cells and the problem appears to have resolved itself. Odd as this didn't do the trick in 2013.

So problem resolved but not entirely certain as to the root cause.