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Chart color link to data


New Member
Like a series name, I'd like a data series color to be linked to a data element in the worksheet. How do I do this? Is there a special coding?

I ask b/c I resort my data often as it changes, and the series colour, if manually done, is linked to the row number, not the data series, which means lots of manual color adjustments.

Any suggestions???


New Member
numberland, if you understood you correctly, there's a nice tutorial by Jon Peltier about that: http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/ConditionalChart1.html

Basically, your create several columns of data, and for each column you put the data you want with each colour (use formulas to automatically update it). Then you create a bar chart with full overlap between columns.

Hope that helps.


New Member
Thanks. Great website with some other useful tips. But not exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted a way to reference a part of a data series (i.e. row in a set of data) that had a particular indicator in a cell (e.g., after the series name) that would tell excel the color for that series.

The issue I face is I resort the data series every week. The color indicator cell stays with a particular series but the color of that series stays with the row number/order of the data set. I'd like to override that and I can't use the handy cheat way that Jon Peltier suggested, b/c of the data set.

Any other suggestions?


New Member
I think I know what you are looking. Correct me if I am wrong but you want a certain value or entity to get highlighted, regardless of where it falls on the graph.

I am looking for something similar. Will let you know if I find how to do it.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Have a look at


Shows how to allow display of discrete points