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Changing the formatting of the data from 1 table to another


New Member
Hi all,

Thank you in advance for your help.

I've attached an example of what I'm trying to accomplish and will try and go into further detail here to try and make it clear. Sorry if I've missed something, happy to clarify further.

I've been stuck on this and am attempting to use Query Tools to adjust the data to how it is displayed on the second table but I'm struggling.

Essentially I've got a table of data that requires all the values that rest in the 'All' column essentially expanded out into column headers (the values are separated by semicolons) with the headers Name, Identifier 1 and 2 remaining. There will be new items coming into the 'All' column so it would need to account for that.

Then if the value is present in the 'Not Approved' column of the cell for the particular name, it will show as 'Not Approved'. Any that have no value in 'Not Approved' will show as Approved and then any that don't have the specific 'All' value to update to 'No Record'.

The data can also include multiple of the same names with different values in the 'All column'.

I hope I haven't just been confusing by wording all that. Hard to write into words what I'm trying to do but hopefully the example can show what I'm trying to do.