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Changing The Currency to South African Rands on the Portfolio Dashboard


New Member

I recently purchased a Portfolio management template and its default set on $. However since this template is sold internationally i would have expected to easily change the currency on the dashboard to Rands with ease. However, this has not been the case. How does one change currency on this template? Please help. Please email answer to liberator.moyo@gmail.com if possible.


Good day Lee

Welcome to the forum

A bit difficult to say what the problem is without a bit more detail, can you access the number section to alter the currency?

It should not be locked or protected but have you checked, are there any greyed out tabs?

Have you emailed the company from who you purchased the template?

I understand your reluctance to upload something you have purchased so I would go back to the seller
To add to bobhc's comments, if this is one of Chandoo's products (which would be indicated by the use of this forum), could you provide a link to the specific one you are talking about?