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Change currency of Project Portfolio Dashboard

Luke M

Excel Ninja
Staff member
Hi Sirac,
I've moved your thread to "Questions about Chandoo.org Products", to highlight to @r1c1 and @vijaySharma that you need help. I would guess that you need to change the cells' formats, but am only guessing. Hopefully someone else can give you better info.


New Member
Thanks Luke,

I have changed the cell formats but this doesn't change the values on the dashboard unfortunately.

@r1c1 and @vijaySharma I look forward to your responses!

Best regards,


Luke M

Excel Ninja
Staff member
On the dashboard, can you tell how the values are being displayed? Are the numbers inside cells, or is it a shape/object that is displaying the number?
If the latter, we may need to find the formula that is generating the text. SHould be able to trace that back...if it's a named range, consult the Named Range manager. Once you find the source, you should be able to change the formatting there. THat's my best guess, at least.

Luke M

Excel Ninja
Staff member
@Somendra Misra
You're ninja sword not sharp enough yet to slice through XL passwords? :p

My initial guess was correct. After unlocking the workbook/sheet passwords, I was able to click on one of the shapes
You can see that it's pointing to the Calculations sheet. But wait! We can't see that sheet. Assuming that in the full version that you can unhide this sheet from VB, as it's set to "very hidden". If not, after unprotecting the workbook, open the visual basic editor (VBE) using Alt+F11. Hit Ctrl+g to bring up Immediate window. In the window, type this, then hit enter.
Worksheets("Calculations").Visible = True

Voila! You can now change the cells that were being references. The formulas currently look something like:
=TEXT(D11,"$ #,")&"k"

You can change them to use desired symbol, like:
=TEXT(D11,"£ #,")&"k"

Now our dashboard looks like desired layout

NOTE: Not sure what sort of licenses/agreements Chandoo has setup on his products. Modifying the Calculations tab could be a "do at your own risk". Simply providing the instructions to do as you requested. There, that's enough legal mumbo jumbo. :p