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Chandoo's Project Mgmt Dashboard-Gantt View


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Hi All,
I purchased Chandoo's Project / Program Management Dashboard Package. Very nice, but my Gantt charts do not sync to the chart---fyi -- the duration is 5 or 7 days, but in weekly view, the bar spans 3 weeks........ all great stuff and love your site.......


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Hi Brena. If I recall, the tool is setup to use workdays when calculating duration. My guess then is that on the DWG rec'd task, the task is starting sometime before Nov 3, then going the whole week of Nov 3, and then finishing up sometime during the week of Nov 10. Since the resolution at this view level of the chart is only by week, it shows up as 3 blocks. If you change to the Daily view/resolution, would see that first and last block aren't really "full" blocks, if that makes sense.

Similar for the items with 5 days duration. The weekly view is just showing that the task is in both weeks, as it spans over the weekend.