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Chandoo Interactive Gantt Chart -- Adding More Data Rows?


New Member

I'm playing around with the Interactive Gantt Chart. It has roughly 100 rows of task data feeding a pivot table in order to generate the Gantt chart.

I have exported more than 100 rows of task data from MS Project into a format resembling the "Data" tab. I'd like to represent all this information, but when I paste it into the "Data" tab, it overwrites the existing table & named data ranges, and the pivot table doesn't "see" everything.

Is there a set of instructions for how to work with >100 rows of data?



Excel Ninja
1) Is there a set of instructions for how to work with >100 rows of data?
>>> Did You already ask a question with this?
Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 09.28.03.png
2) As You've checked Your sample file
- Pivot's range is now those 100 rows.
- Plan-sheets Conditional formatting has 100 rows


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? Not sure I understand the screen shot's relevance.
Would I need to create an entirely new pivot table, or is there a way to modify the existing pivot table so it captures all of my data rows and everything else in the workbook still functions?


Excel Ninja
1) Snapshot's 2nd line: Click that line and You can ask a question from those who has done that file.
2) ... if that range is now 100 rows then You should add more rows there as well as all other needed places.
... or You could try add new rows as needed eg after 50 row ( few rows before end of that range).
Have You ever worked with Pivot-tables or Conditional Formatting?