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Can't find project or library Error !

Hello Team,

Could you please help how to get rid of Can't find project or library Error which I am getting continuously. Whatever is the macro inside the file, the error is popping up. Below is the screenshot for your reference please. Kindly help how to resolve. Tried to research and it says to click on References of Tools section in Alt+F11. However, its not opening at all. Kindly help.


Thank You and Regards,
You need to make sure you have stopped all code before clicking Tools - References.
Thank you for the reply. However, could you please help how to stop. Can you please clarify, what does stopping all code means. Requesting your further help on this one.

Thank You and Regards,


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Maybe open another file and disable macros then open the workbook that has the problem >> Press Alt + F11 >> Tool >> References >> Uncheck the references that have the string "MISSING" .. Finally, enable macros again and reopen the workbook.