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Can't determine relationship between two or more fields


New Member
Hi there,
I got a data model which looks as follow:


I am trying to show columns from different tables in a table visual. Table visual works fine when I use columns from contact and AssetContact_Address tables. However, it throw an error 'cant determine the relationship between two or more fields' when I tried to put a column (any column) from the ContactRelationship table. I checked and there is no missing value in any table. I also changed the cross filter option from Single to both but did not work. Any help would be really appreciated.

Sample here.
I guess it is because your relationship cannot stream upwards from Address through Contacts and then downwards to Relationship.
I believe there might be a pattern described on the https://www.sqlbi.com/

Long shot: I vaguely remember an article about wrapping a measure inside calculate that somehow forces a "missing relationship" to work. I do not remember the source however. Sorry for that.

Maybe one of our data model heros will provide a better response.