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Can this process be made more simple?


New Member
Hello all...

Greatly appreciate any input i receive, thank you.

Currently, I have a xlsm file that houses several macros that are used to cut large data sets down to only the usable data that is needed. The sheet intakes data in the form of carrot(^) separated values and the macros clean up the data and output to the two useful configurations that I require. My current process looks like this:
  1. Open txt file containing data
  2. Copy to data input worksheet in xlsm workbook
  3. Run desired macro utilizing radio buttons in xlsm workbook
  4. Create a copy of the two desired data output worksheets that the macro creates
  5. Save and name the copies, then disseminate as needed
I am researching whether or not it is possible to write a batch file, or similar utility, to prompt a user to select the relevant txt file that contains the data and which macro to run, and save the copies of the two desired outputs to a folder with a predesignated static name without any intervention besides the two prompts of txt file selection and macro selection.

I apologize if this is a ridiculous ask, but it would help add some valuable time to my work day.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
For a particular procedure (so without asking for which to run) may be done under Windows via a VBScript …​