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Can I pop up a dynamic match in another sheet?

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I would like to have a spreadsheet with two sheets, one dynamic, the other static. I want to be able to give over or click a cell in the first sheet, and have it display a corresponding cell in the second sheet.

Specifics to the question:

The second sheet will have 2 columns: movie name, and movie description.
The first sheet will be filled in from time to time by running a script that creates a file with movie name and location, of movies I have on my hard drive. I then copy/paste the contents of that file into this first sheet.
If I hover over or click into the movie name in the first sheet, I would like for it to find the movie in the 2nd sheet and display the movie description.

Because of the fact that the list in the first sheet changes dynamically, I absolutely cannot use comments.

I would be okay with having a column to the right of the pasted dats in the 1st sheet, with a formula referencing the cell to its left containing the movie name, in order to dynamically link it to the 2nd sheet. I would just have to make sure I didn't overlay it when I paste in the data.

Peter Bartholomew

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Does this go anywhere towards meeting your needs?
Without a sample workbook it is difficult to guess.

It is possible to run a 'MouseOver macro' by using a hyperlink but that is a trick that might take time to look up.



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