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Calculations with numbers over 1e308. It's possible?


New Member
In B2 I wish the formula:
=(A2 ^ (1 / ($E$1 + (((((($E$2 * (A2-1)) / $E$3) ^ (1 / 0,38685)) * 18000) - $E$4) / $E$5))))

And the same formula extends along lines B3: 901.

A2:901 are fixed values in ascending order, between 1.01 and 10.00, with a 0.01 interval (1.01; 1.02; 1.03; ...10.00).

E1:E5 are variable values. They are changed manually as needed. These are very high values between 0,01 and 10^600.

But there is a little problem:
Excel cannot perform the calculation due to maximum value limitation at 9.99e307 (9,99*10^307)

My solution so far has been to use the windows calculator.
I do this by adapting to "text" (using & and "" ) which I copy and paste into the windows calculator, like this:

="("&A2&" yroot (1/("&$E$1&" + (((((("&$E$2&"*("&A2&"-1))/"&$E$3&") yroot (1/0,38685))*18000) - "&$E$4&") / "&$E$5&"))))"

Then I paste the result obtained by the windows calculator into C3:901 cells, in the corresponding line.

My pain is having to perform this calculation line by line.
Can anyone help me with a more workable solution?

Maybe with help from MACRO / VBA?

I appreciate the collaboration of the community.

PS: My default language is not English, but PT-br.
Sorry for any mistake I made.

Attached file. Formula cells blocked for protection. But no password.