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Calculation of Holding Period Return?

Dear All,

I just need to give a formula to find the Holding Days Return of an investment. I have included my working file and once u open u will see the variables Start Date, Todays Date, Holding Days, Initial Capital and Current Capital. From the above data how to find the Holding Days Return?




GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
On https://www.investopedia.com the formula suggested is = ( income + ( end value - start value) ) / start value.
You don't have an "income" variable in your workbook.
One of my many weak points in Excel is Financial calculations, but it seems you need to have more information before you can do the calculation. The estimated income may be derived from the latest pay-out of dividend.
Well the above formula doesn't take into account the Holding period . Asssume Divided is 0 were is the Holding period days which is applied in the Investopedia.