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Calculating the time in minutes using criteria Stage

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Hi All,
I am new to this programming world of VBA and need help on below requirement. Not able to under stand from where to start.
Please find the requirement details:-
1. The source of data is file name "SourceData.xlsx" of sheet name Data. Done some calculation also, extracted the Priority level from column (G) SLA Definition into
column (H) Priority Level by using Mid function. Also extracted the time difference on the basis of Stage level and then calculated the time in minutes by this
formula (=I2*1440) which gives me output in minutes. Criteria I used below:-
Criteria:- 1) If stage (Col F) is Cancelled : look for start time (col B) and Stop time (Col E) as end time.
2) If stage (Col F) is Paused: look for Start time (Col B) and pause time (Col D) as end time.
3) If stage (Col F) is completed : look for Start time (Col B) and Resolved (Col C) as end time
2. Target file name is "Final Data.xlsx" of sheet name "Data Output".
3. I have attached the sample output file SampleFinaloutput.xlsx" of sheet name Final Output.

I will be thankful to you if help me out.



Excel Ninja
Why did You duplicate with Your previous thread?
You always could add more details ... information to that.
This is thread closed and continue with Your original.
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