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Calculating the project manday details


New Member
Hello Friends,

This is my first post here and I am glad to be in a place which is so much of a learning.

I have a very common requirement.

The problem:

In my organisation, multiple engineers work on multiple projects at different times. I would like to track the following things at the end of the month/a particular time frame.

1) The total days all engineers have worked on a particular project. (which of all the engineers have worked on the particular project and for how many days for the queried time line (from 1st of a month to say 30th of the month))

2) How many of the above mandays are billable/nonbillable?

I have captured the input data in the format shown in the xls file at http://rapidshare.com/files/426117410/To_Forum.xls

I tried to search within the forum but in vain.

Thanks for any help.


You need to explain that data in more detail, and the correlation between those two worksheets.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

On Sheet2 B35:B38 put Proj 1 .. Proj 4

on C35: =COUNTIF(C$4:C$33,"="&$B35)

Copy C35 down and across to F38

Not sure about Sheet 4

Not sure about billable/non billable as you don't have sufficient fields to distinguish each for each engineer each day