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Calculated Field % to show


Hi Users,

I'm facing difficulty in getting the % for calculated field. Total 5 days are there. I need to see How many people are present on each days. So for example Sun 5 people came in Finance Department. The total headcount of finance is 10. So i need to see the % of present = 5/10 = 50%.

Please help how to achieve this using calculated field.



Thanks for the solution in Power Pivot. Is there any option to get the result in Pivot Tables. I tried using calculated fields. But getting error


Excel Ninja
You need helper column in source.
Ex: In A3="Helper"
A4:A7 = 1

Then change pivottable source to include Column A.

Add calculated field.

Format field as Percentage.

In Calculated field, before any formula/calculations are applied, all underlying values are summed first.