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Calculated estimated loading time


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Hi there,

This is my first post. I'll do my best to explain my problem.
Im kinda new to excel but cant seem to find the answer.

I want to calculate the estimated loading time at a specific area.

I explained the calculation in the attached excel file. Most likely is an easy sollution but i'm breaking my neck over it.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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What values in what column on what sheet adds up to 21630 in "because at 1400 hours a total of 21630 products are picked" and then why does this beome 2001?!
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Hi there,

Thanks for the quick response.

Why only 21?
its for all the area's, but if i know how to calculate it for 21 , i can make the same calculation for the others.

What adds up 21630?
(the total amount of area 21 at 6.00 - total amount of area 21 at 7.00) x 7 (picking hours))
Blad1:!C12 = Blad1!C5 - Blad1!C6 ((3070))
Blad1!N12 = Blad1:!C12 * 7 ((21630)

contains the area of an order
0600'!F:F contains the loading times of an order
0600'!K:K contains the open total quantity of an order

The formula will be something like:
blad1!C20 = what is the Loading time (0600'!F:F) when the total of open quantity (0600'!K:K) equals 21630 in area 21 (0600'!E:E)

The idea is to predict the loading time at the end of the shift. (1400 hrs).
In all area's the loading time must be at least 1600 hours. With a prediction we can move employees from one area to another, so we are sure the loading times be met.
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p45cal you are a genius!, My private super hero Thank you soooo much.

You did exactly what i wast trying to explain (i my best english).

Now i can finally move on with my project and dashboard.