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calculate days stock/days/payment


New Member
Hi all,

My problem is :
I stock cereals in a wharehouse and need to calculate how many days IN and OUT and price 0-15 days free , next 15days with 0.1 eur/days and next with 0.2

For more detalis i attached a file

Thank you for all excel friends and Chandoo




Active Member
Sorry, I'm at a loss, your requirements are unclear to me. Please explain in words exactly what you are trying to do. I don't see the words "stock" or "price by date" anywhere. Don't forget we know nothing about your business


New Member
Hi and sorry for the delay
I am trying to make a stock management file for a grain warehouse. The problem that is required is based on FIFO.
I will have to calculate the remaining grain stock after the outings, the payment amount for the first 15 days is "free", the quantity for the next 15 days is calculated with 0.15 eur / to / day and the next ones with 0.2 eur eur / to / day. Could I name the first batch with IN_1 and the first output OUT_1? can it be with formulas or does it need VBA ?

Thank you !