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Calculate date & time difference


Hi All
I am wondering if someone could help me please.
Need to calculate date and time difference between three columns.
The problem I'm facing is that, one of the dates and time are in a separate columns (F&G):
Column F=date
Column G=time (of F)
Column K = date & time together (separate column).
At the moment I'm using an helper "M" column to combine both cells (F&G), but if we could avoid helper column it will be great.
File attached for better explanation.
Any help it will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Don't forget that if
startTime > endTime
then the time difference is given by
= MOD( endTime - startTime, 1 )
to give a positive time interval.
You would also need to subtract 1 from the number of days
= INT( endDate - startDate ) - ( startTime > endTime )