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Calculate % change against a range of cells [SOLVED]


New Member
Like busses these questions. I had a look in the tutorials but am a little stuck.

I need to do a calulation that calculates the % mass loss of a material over time. The sheet looks something like this.

Cell A1 - Start mass

Cell B1 - Mass after 1 hour

Cell C1 - mass after 2 hours etc


Cell F1 - % change of the last reading (once it reaches a point I'll stop measuring)

So the range is dynamic and I'm not sure which function to use. I'd like to be a bit clever and not do it by using a calulator as there are potentially a load of rows.

Hope it makes sense...Alex


New Member
hmm.. I am not sure I got it right.. but here is how you can attack it...

total mass loss % = 1- end mass/start mass

thus in cell F1 you can try something like this = 1 - index(a1:e1,count(a1:e1))/a1