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Calculate average of TimeColumn


New Member
Hi Friends,

i have a column with minutes in Power BI e. g. 2173, 2188, 2180 ...
I want to calculate the average of this minutes and show the average on a Card.

I tried the following but it doesn't work:

Avg = FORMAT(CALCULATE(AVERAGE('data'[Time])),"mm").

How can i calulcate the average of a time column in PowerBI?




Excel Ninja
That column is in minutes? I.E. 2173 minutes, 2188 minutes etc?

When you have minutes as integer value, you must divide that by '24*60', i.e. number of minutes in a day, to convert to time value.
But it looks like you only want the minutes returned... So I assume minutes should be kept as integer/long.


Will do it. CALCULATE is superfluous in this instance, as you are not using any filter expression.