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by Date Individual Production Summary


Dear Team,
Kindly look into the attached template. It contains daily allocation and completed volume by date and employee. Could you please help me to get a summary by individual and by date individual completed volume to the summary sheet.

Thank you very much for your time

(Excel 2016)




Hi @Shawnhet ,
Sorry for the delaying response to this.

This is great , thank you very much for you time.:)
Completion volume on the 1st table, shows total for the entire month.
Could you please edit it , as display for the selected date.
Ex: when we select 7/15/2022, from the dropdown, I can get the completed volume as of 07/15/2022 only.

Thank you very much.


New Member
Oh, sorry - I guess I hadn't copied it over for that column.

just copy the formulae from c5:c14 to d5:d14 and add the following in RED to each.


Cheers, :)