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Button to hide rows based on specific cells having a qty of "0"

I am a lighting designer for an event venue.

I have an excel document that is an equipment list I use to generate Request for Quotes to submit to vendors.

Essentially its a long list of every possible light, cable, power distro possible.

I fill in qtys, then manually hide rows that are not used for a specific list. Its really tedious and prone to user selection errors currently.

I have an example file here, with the button and the code I have been trying to use.

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Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

For a = 23 To 609

If Worksheets("Typical").Cells(a, 24).Value = "0" Then

Worksheets("Typical").Rows(a).Hidden = True

End If


End Sub
This code is not working as I would like currently.

There are also row headers that I would also like the ability to hide with the same button if inactive. They have 0 values in the q column instead of the a column as a normal line item would.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated. I've used excel all my life, but basically only on a surface level.

I believe I have attached an example file.


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This was exactly what I was trying to do.
Thanks so much. Sorry for the delay in extending thanks.
Using this for a lot of my stuff now. Thank you!

I had to modify the code a little bit to get it to hide or keep headers, but most of that was error stuff on my part.
The things you can do with simple sum formulas.