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Bulk SMS

Dear Team

This is in regards to sms message to customer mobile numbers in bulk (5000 no.), so I would request to you let us know if we can have the same process & what would be the procedure.


Thanks in advance

Basavaraj K H


Excel Ninja
If it must be done from Excel list/VBA. You can send SMS by utilizing Outlook.

To send SMS from email you need mobile# and SMS gateway. Use link below for list of most major gateways.

Something like 10digit mobile# + @gateway.com (ex. 1234567890@txt.att.net)
is needed in "To:" field in email.

To send mass email through Outlook using VBA, reference following links.



NOTE: Gateway is specific to the receiving end (so if there are multiple providers in area, you need to know which provider the client/receiving end uses).
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Yeah, there are many apps and gateways for sending the bulk SMS. I am just so impressed with the text messaging service for business that I am using personally. It is truly very affordable and is one of the superior quality tools that I have used till now. I highly recommend these to others too.