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Best way to transfer certain columns form one Excel worksheet to another Excel worksheet with different column header


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I am in search of the best way to copy certain columns of extracted data from an ERP system to Excel worksheet to another Excel worksheet table with a different column name so it can be uploaded to another ERP system. There are several columns to be copied and pasted into the destination worksheet. The destination Excel worksheet will have different column headers and will be in different column locations from the source excel worksheet. Would like to do this automatically since this will be a normal occurrence. Any suggestions on how this can be accomplished. I have been knocking my brain on this and just can't figure it out.


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Please Upload an excel file !!!
Here is an example of the file I need to transfer info from the partner file tab to our system tab. The headers are different and the column locations are different. Would like to do this automatically each month and having a hard time figuring it out. Can refer to my post on Monday at 9:52am. File is attached. Keep in mind I am trying to automate this process every month. Downloads will be the same format as well as the destination file to upload. Only thing that may be different is the file names. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.