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Best VBA addition to a CV?



I'm wondering, what's the most 'impressive' VBA addition to your CV, that would be respected in a professional setting? I'm thinking an equivalent of the MOS certification, slap that on a CV, it's by Microsoft, nobody would ever question your ability.

I'm in EU, professional services are nearly all now doing competency based interviews so what you present and say in an interview is all you get judged by. I'm young, no computer science degree or related work experience, so I feel people just laugh off any mention of technical competency because everyone says they are 'great at excel' and 'used vba', where I have actually been learning to use office and now VBA for quite some time.


Excel Ninja
There aren't any official Microsoft cert for VBA (in terms of programming competency in VBA). The one available only certifies that you know what is is, how it can be applied etc and focuses on administration aspect of project, rather than coding aspect of it.

One good thing to have for VBA is portfolio of your past projects. To demonstrate your capability. Though, these days, VBA isn't the primary focus of most employers (in North America at least).

If looking for Data Analysis type of job. PowerBI (Excel PowerQuery, PowerPivot), along with R script, python, and knowledge of SQL may be of more use.

Certification isn't a bad thing to have, but primarily employers are looking for attitude, personality and experience. Networking is also very important here.

Skill set can easily be taught or learned, but attitude and personality is hard to change or teach. ;) Experience, can only be gained with time and motivation. If lack of experience is an issue. Try volunteering (coding/reporting/accounting for charity, teaching at community centre etc).

Edit: Have a read of thread below about VBA certification.