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Best chart to visualise tax related scenarios


New Member
Hi Everyone,

I'm searching for some ideas and help in visualising alternative tax scenarios. I'm not doing a lot of charts in Excel so this is a bit hard for me to get the right chart.

The data contains two scenarios of allocating expenses between three accounts - actual method and 50-50 method. The aim is to show how the 50-50 method compares to the actual method in terms of tax saving or extra tax. Expenses are categorised in 7 categories, and some contribute to the tax payable and some don't, depending if there is a value in Account 2.

My first idea was to do a bar chart (not stacked) showing the categories and corresponding tax result produced by each category, but I did not manage to make anything visually appealing. And putting both the actual scenario and 50-50 scenario makes the graph even more cluttered.

Any help is appreciated.