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Bar chart / Gantt (Possibly)

Rob Mulhern

New Member
Hi All,

Hope you are well? Sorry it's one of these emails again but I am very stuck.

Help please! Hopefully you have done this before as I am struggling with the online help.

I need to add data to a bar chart format that shows, by "Project Name" the period between start and end date.

Also needs to show the £Value of the bar - Column G - "5 Year Cost" (All chart elements from the table are highlighted in yellow in the table).

Each bar will need to start and finish at different periods. I't not a project as such so % complete etc is not needed just the Anticipated time-frame + £Value as a label rather than a measure / value.
So Column H - "Anticipated Start Date" to Column I "Anticipated End Date".

Importantly the Bar should be coloured as per the "BRAG" Status (Column C) also.
Hope that can be automated in the chart rather than manually in case of any updates to the "BRAG Status" (colour Legend in Column M2) in the data set?

Please see the attached data set and what I then visualise (ref A:26 to A:51) the chart (actual chart needs to be built on a second ws) for it to look like.

Just need to show monthly and yearly so Jan-18 to Feb-19 per project.

I have found some help but can't seem to get it working with this dataset the way I need it to.

Thanks very much